[software] grimm v5.0 is here


We are proud to announce that our model generation tool has a new release, grimm v5.0 !

You can download this new version here.

New features

  • Adding random diversity when assigning values for attributes of type: EEnum, EInt, EBoolean and EString.
  • EString attributes have 2 default configuration modes:
    • name is applied for name attributes. Each attribute is named following his class and EObject ID (eg. Method4).
    • random is applied for other attributes. A random string is generated (3 to 10 alphabetic symbols).
  • Allow the users to give custom domains for EInt and EString by using a configuration file (.grimm)
    • For EInt attributes, users can give either an interval (25..30) or a list of values (-1 0 1). This is useful for example in UML meta-model to set up the lower and upper bound of an Association.
    • For EString attributes, users can give a list of values. It is interesting to get more customisable models.
  • Variables that represent attributes in CSP are removed. Instantiation is done as a post-processing (after the CSP solver).
  • Default interval for EInt attributes us set to 1..100 (can be changes by using a config file).

Corrected bugs

  • Corrected bug: Attribute types are printed in config files as a reminder.
  • Corrected bug: A generated pre-filled config file is now consistent and can be used to generate an empty model.
  • Corrected bug: Boolean and EEnum attribute are removed from config files.
  • Corrected bug: created config files are stored in the folder chosen by the user and not in rootClass folder.
  • Corrected bug: problem of instantiation for 0..* references when reference UB is set to 1.


Using grimm is easy ! 5 minutes to read the documentation and then go !

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