[software] grimm v4.0 is here


We are proud to announce that our model generation tool has a new release, grimm v4.0 !

You can download this new version here.

New features

  • Add specific processing for containment references. Now it is different from classic references and not included in the produced CSP instances.
  • Add support for deep containment references (>1). Now you can have containment references between two classes (not only root class).
  • Add support for boolean, integer, string and enum attributes. Moreover, randomness is added while instantiating attributes.
  • Diversity is added in treating EOpposite references. Now the created GCC has diverse upper bound. This makes the generated models different even when the same configuration is used.
  • Adding the possibility of generating 0 instances for a given class (you can do that by using a config file).

Corrected bugs

  • Corrected bugs in ConfigrationFileReader class. Now the order of classes in a config file is not important.
  • Corrected bug: unchangeable references and attributes are not considered any more.


Using grimm is easy ! 5 minutes to read the documentation and then go !

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